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Are there wedding chapels in the City of Savannah for your destination wedding or elopement?

Photo by Donna Von Bruening inside of the church

Yes.  There is a 1902 Wedding Chapel in Savannah.  The restoration is nearly completed.  Some photos can be seen on the church’s facebook fan page

The church’s name is St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.

We’re working on the website images, as we have a new look! But I’ll try to attach a photo of it to this blog entry.  If I can’t, then it will be done asap. The photo to the right was taken by Donna Von Bruening.

So why consider the 1902 chapel vs. a place like Bethesda Chapel.  Well for one, we have restrooms.  They don’t.  You have to drive to the local grocery store or gas station for one, unless you rent a port-a-pot.  The restrooms we have are brand new and are ADA compliant.

Next we have two NEW great hvac systems that do the job! We are only 10 minutes from downtown, not 20+ minutes, to name just a few.

What questions can we answer for you?

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