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Do Unity Candles work outside?

It depends on numerous factors.  One is how windy is it?  Another, “is it alright with you and your soon to be spouse if the candles blow out either before, during or after the ceremony?”  And,  if you have a hurricane globe for around the Unity Candle, what will you put around the individual taper candles to keep them from blowing out?  Keep in mind that it’s not possible to put hurricane globes around the tapers because you won’t be able to reach in without burning yourself.

My suggestion if you want to have one outside is to make a  back up plan for inside.  It may work to have the lighting of the candle just prior to the cutting of the cake.

Also, make sure that the people lighting the individual tapers have practiced with the lighter that you have for them, as not all lighters light the same way.  And, have the person escorting them up to light the candle know how to light the lighter just in case.

If the table you have the candle on has to have a table cloth, make sure that the wind won’t grab hold of the table cloth and knock it over.

Share your thoughts.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Do Unity Candles work outside?

  1. Here’s a suggestion! Try using something other than a unity candle. For instance at our wedding we used “unity sand”. You can look up a number of different ceremony suggestions online. The way ours worked was for the minister to have white sand (you can order colored sand online & even have it match your wedding colors!) and the bride & groom to have two different colors of sand (we had 2 shades of lilac). There are three “tubes” or vases that hold the sand for the minister, bride & groom. Then there is a vase/glass container that the sand is poured into. We chose one with a lid so that we could keep ours. 1st the minister poured in his white sand (representing Christ) into the holder. That is to represent that Christ is the foundation for the marriage. Then the bride pours some of her sand in (to represent her as an individual) & the groom does likewise. Then the minister, bride & groom all pour their sand in together. The minister says something about that this is the way your marriage should be with the combination of Christ & the bride & groom & just as you can’t separate the individual grains of sand, you can’t separate a couple once their marriage is in Christ. (I know I’ve got the wording wrong here….you can look it up online). But I think you get the general idea. The sand once its poured into the container (with or w/out a lid) also makes a nice keepsake for the bride & groom to remember their wedding day. This is a great idea for outdoor weddings or for something unique at an indoor wedding. Enjoy! 🙂

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