Do I do more than just marry couples?


First and foremost I am a pastor of a Lutheran church in the Savannah area, St. Luke’s!! We’re a small congregation and

Giving benediction at the dedication of a new WWII monument memorial

we are committed to telling the story of Jesus.  We are in the process of restoring our 1902 sanctuary.  You can also follow us on Facebook and there’s lots of photos of our renovation.

I also do community events and activities, some in part because of the weddings I do.  In 2009 I participated in the first WWII Adventure at the Mighty Eighth Museum here in Savannah.  And they have asked me back for the next event in January 2010. Because I’ve done a number of wedding at the Mighty 8th Chapel, they recommended me to the WWII Adventure group.

Church Booth

For many years I read to first graders at a couple different local schools and on their 101 day of school I would take my two dalmatians. Once, I ran for town council, and won by not getting elected!!

I’ve baptized children of couples I’ve married.  I’ve included a photo a one such time in the Chapel of the Fallen Eagles l at Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.

You’ll also probably run into me at the downtown Savannah Starbucks!!  I often use that as my “other office.”  It’s a great place to meet with couples when discussing their ceremony.

Jeremy Ward, Jr. being baptized

A few years ago, I had a meeting in Atlanta.  While at lunch I ran into a bride I had married a year earlier!  What are the chances!

I also participate in the Savannah Wedding Professionals.  They are a great bunch of folks who are amazing at their profession!

In July of 2008 I married a couple at the Hunter Army Air Field Chapel.  Prior to that, I met with the couple for the first time.  When asked where he lived and what he did, he said he lived in a small town in Ohio and was a nurse. I told him I grew up in Ohio.  He did his schooling in the same hospital where my mother and sister worked and he knew them!

I could go on for days about church and wedding stories, but I won’t…. for now!



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