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A New Year’s Eve Wedding: Once in a blue moon!

At 7pm this evening the church phone rang (it’s a cell phone now).  There’s a bride on the phone saying, “can you marry us this evening? The minister we had didn’t show up!”  I said I could be there by 8pm.

Once before a couple had called, saying that wanted to get married on New Year’s Eve.  I went to River Street and waited, and waited. I called, they said they were about to leave, was the refrain I believed.  I waited over an hour and no one ever showed up! So I left.  I figured the same sort of thing would happen this evening.

So tonight, after Jodie called, I was saying to myself, “sure they will show up.”

To my surprise the handsome groom was waiting in the lobby of the Marshal House Inn and the very stunning and beautiful bride appeared a few minutes later.  They made such a wonderful couple!

They were okay with getting married in the noisy lobby, however I suggested we go to the square around the corner.  Once we arrived at the square, I pointed out a few places they could stand and they chose one.  While walking to that spot, I asked them if either one was a Robert Redford fan?  They said they were.  I mentioned that part of the the film he had just finished filming in Savannah was shot at a house on this square. They were excited!

We walked over to the large historic entrance to the Owens Thomas House, stood outside the gate and had the very romantic ceremony under the full blue moon!

Congrats to Ken and Jodie!!


2 thoughts on “A New Year’s Eve Wedding: Once in a blue moon!

  1. Hey Reverend Schulte, It’s us. I hate to say it but, this is the first time we have looked at your blog. Thank you for everything. We were very happy with the whole evening. What a story we have to tell for the rest of our lives. We thought you were the perfect choice. I was actually shocked you showed up, I mean, I thought who would want to show up and marry someone on a whim on New Years Eve in the evening? Well, Reverend Schulte would. You were very kind and professional and we all still had fun during the ceremony.

    After the ceremony, we went down to the river front to see if we could find a special way to celebrate. I inquired about the river boat cruise but, it was all sold out. We were pretty dissappointed about all the tickets being sold out. We stood there for a moment trying to figure out what we could then do. A very nice couple approached us and asked if we wanted to go on the river boat cruise for the New Years Eve party aboard. We said that we wanted to but, the tickets were all sold out. The guy stated he had an extra pair of tickets due to the fact his brother-in-law never showed up with his wife. He sold the tickets to us at half the cost.

    The river boat party was so much fun. We were the last couple to board. Of course there were no seats left. An older couple offered to let us sit with them. We were very grateful. We had previously told them we had just got married. They then said they would be our wedding party and celebrated with us. We dined then danced the rest of the night.

    The next day we continued our journey to Boca Raton, Florida then to Naples. We had a really nice trip home where we have been happily married since. Everything about our trip and our wedding in Savannah, GA. was absolutly perfect. We love the city and can’t wait to return to celebrate our continued marriage. When we do retirn you can rest assured we will be contacting Reverend Schultz for a visit.

    Kenny & Jodie

    1. It’s great to hear from you!! And I’m so glad that I met you two! Once again, Congratulations and glad that hear that the river boat cruise was enjoyable! Can’t wait for your return to Savannah, we’ll meet up and do starbucks!

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