How important is it to be able to have a choice in your vows?

My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in two weeks.  I called the “Wedding Chapel” in TN where the ceremony is to take place.  When I asked for a copy of the vows and ceremony, the response, “the minister uses the Bible.”  I asked again to see the vows and ceremony, and when the response was the same, I asked to speak to the minister, saying to her that I was a minister in Savannah, GA (hoping that would help).  The responce, “I can’t give out his phone number.” And when I asked if he could call me, I was told “I’ll ask him about that.”

All I was wanting to do was see the ceremony!!

How it started was I created a great renewal of vows ceremony and I asked if the minister would be able to use it.  A quick, “no” was the answer.  Really, he won’t use a different ceremony?  Down hill from there!!

And when I asked if I could do the ceremony, I sure could if I paid and EXTRA $100.00.  Can you believe that!!!??? I have to pay the chapel so that their minister doesn’t have to show up!!!

So this is what I know:

  • the location,
  • to use their silk (note: reusable) flowers that we can’t keep is $80!!!
  • the time of the ceremony
  • the minister is male

This is what I don’t know:

  • name of minister
  • experience of minister
  • type of ceremony
  • what are the vows
  • do the vows have “love, honor and obey” in them?
  • length of ceremony
  • personality (or lack thereof) of minister
  • are there any testimonials for the minster?

Maybe I’m different than most, but I think it is very important to be able to have the ceremony you’d like.  That is why I give so many choices,PLUS I help customize the ceremony and vows!!

So yes, I think it is important for the couple to have a say in their ceremony!

Thanks for listening to me (technically reading) vent!!!

Share you thoughts and experiences.

PS. I’ll keep you updated on the end result!


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