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Tell me how you and your other half met?

I really like asking that question to couples.  It’s also a great ice breaker.  Here are some of the answers I’ve received over the years.

Wedding on Tybee Island

We met while:

  • we were both at work
  • at an intersection, while we were both driving
  • out with mutual friends
  • online through eharmony
  • through a chat room
  • in an atomic bomb, we were both trying to defuse it.
  • at a bar
  • while he was on tour
  • at a party
  • she was my secretary
  • when I needed some work done on my home, he was the handy man
  • at Walmart
  • on facebook, we went to school together years ago
  • I showed him a house for sale
  • at church
  • we were high school sweethearts
  • AOL chat room
  • while at a wedding
  • class reunion

I would really like to hear how the two of you met!!

Please share your stories!

3 thoughts on “Tell me how you and your other half met?

  1. We met in kindergarten at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Seattle Washington. He says I chased him until I finally caught him our senior year in High School but…….
    Anyway, we went to different elementary school’s and were back together in Middle School and High School where we were best of friends until we finally figured out there was more to that friendship our senior year.
    Got married at 19 and are still together 31 years later (“THEY” said we were too young and it wouldn’t last – yeah right!)

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