My jaw dropped to the ground…

…when I read the second article that I mostly wrote in the current issue of South Magazine. It stated that I have been doing weddings for 30 years!!!  If that is true, I started when I was 15.

Photo taken January 28, 2010

Granted, my mother found my first gray hair when I was 14. Granted, I now have lots of salt (and pepper) in my hair.  Granted, most of that is from my children! Granted, I do look older than 45. However, to become a Lutheran pastor (rather than internet ordained) one is no younger than 26 when that happens (4 years of under graduate and 4 years to get a masters degree).  Doing the math that would make me 56 years old!!  I hope I don’t look that old.  Not that 56 is old. Because if 56 was old then I am right around the corner from being old.  Although the closer I get to that age the younger that age looks!

When i reach 56, it may be the age when I get a lot closer to middle age.  Middle Age (not the middle ages!) I once heard is half the age between you and the oldest person you know!  Yeah!!  So for me, since I know a lady 97 years young (soon to be 98!)  middle age for me won’t be ’till I’m 71.  That’s 26 years from now 🙂

I bet by then I will either be completely white haired or I will be bald.  But I hope that I won’t be bald because I pay big bucks for rogaine.


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One thought on “My jaw dropped to the ground…

  1. It’s the quality and the quantity of weddings you’ve officiated that are noteworthy! The timeline is just an afterthought…

    I hope you’re doing well!

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