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Going to Starbucks helped save God…

If you’ve been to most any Starbucks in Savannah, you’ve probably seen me there at one time or another.  It’s actually helping me to lose weight!!  They only have so many things to eat!

Today, while at Starbucks, I ran into another local Lutheran Pastor, Ed Myers.  A great guy and new pastor to this area.  Seeing him reminded me of a recent trip to the downtown Starbucks.

I was meeting a bride I had married 18 months ago, who was in town for the weekend.  While they lived here, she started to attend St. Luke’s.  She and her husband first met me at that same Starbucks 2 years ago.  While there, I found out that the groom knew both my sister and my mother because he had recently finished up his nursing degree at the same hospital where they worked!  Small world!

While I was standing in line, a older gentleman came up to me (I had my churchly collar on) and he asked if I was Catholic, Lutheran, or Episcopalian.  Then he asked if I was part of the ELCA or another Lutheran denomination.  And after answering both of those questions he told me he was a retired ELCA Lutheran pastor.  We spoke for a few minutes while I was waiting to order my usual (for the winter): Grande Earl Gray Tea, with vanilla and soy milk (not a latte!)

He asked me if I was the pastor of the Lutheran church they were just in, around the corner from Starbucks.  I told him no that I was a pastor of a small congregation about 10 minutes from there. And then after a few minutes, I asked him and his wife to come join us for worship the next day at 11am.  He said they would love too.

Then, after I received my drink, while waiting on Marcelle to show up, I received a text from her.  On her way to meet us, she had been in a fender bender: someone didn’t stop in time behind her!  She was okay, but the other car had serious front end damage, but her vehicle was mostly okay.  So I was texting her back and forth seeing how she was and what I could do to help.

In the midst of the texts another gentlemen asked me “what would you do without texts?”  “Not sure.”  We ended up striking up a conversation about texting.  When his wife returned with their drinks, they asked what denomination I was.  Lutheran.  They too were Lutherans, “my wife is the spiritual one, she has a lot of faith.”

We talked for about 30 minutes.  The wife did prison ministry outreach for their church and had been doing that for 3 years.  They had a son at SCAD and he was in a a Lacrosse Tournament that weekend at the Telfair Plantation Equestrian Center just across the Talmadge Bridge..  I invited them to worship and they were excited to go to a small congregation, not one of those mega churches.  If it wasn’t for the 11am game their son was in the next day, they could have come to our 11am worship service!

They weren’t able to make it but the retired pastor and his wife did.  I hope they enjoyed it!

Which color of doors do you like better?

On the way out the door after worship he said “I have to disagree with you about one thing today.”  I was taken back, thinking, “now which foot did I put in my mouth?”  He pointed to the bulletin and pointed out the spelling error I had in the line, “Glory to God.”  I looked at it for a moment and he said, “I don’t think God is gory!”  Guess who had left the “l” out of glory? Silly me.  The line read, “Gory to God.”  Oops!  Sorry God.

It was indirectly being at Starbucks which lead to me to fix the 3 week spelling mistake, which no one else had caught!

Thanks to be God for Starbucks!


One thought on “Going to Starbucks helped save God…

  1. There are children of God everywhere and some have a built in spell check 🙂 Working at Starbucks for the past 7 years I have seen more people studying the bible and having small group meetings more than anything. Its so good to see.

    I love reading your blog!

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