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The Angel Towne Wedding…

That’s how most of the vendors know this wedding, however, I know  it as the Scottee and Jim wedding.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Scottee and Jim back in November when they came to Savannah to check out locations for their ceremony this past weekend.

When they came to Savananh they asked if they could come to one of my worship services at the church where I am pastor, St. Luke’s.  After the service, I knew they wouldn’t ask me to be a part of their wedding day.  There was no doubt in my mind.  Here’s a list of the good things which happened during worship.




Nice list, eh?  Now here’s the list of things that went not so well:

1. (keep in mind we were in the process of restoring our 1902 Church) shortly after worship began, we gradually blew the circuit and could not get it fully back on.

2. When the circuit blew, we lost lights, we lost our music, oh did I say that it went out during the middle of one of our songs? We use a keyboard for part of the music, played by our keyboardist, and the other part was by ipod. When we lost electricity, it was during the ipod portion.  So the music just stopped.  Well part of the electricity came back on, so I got the ipod to work again (while we were singing) but didn’t think that it wouldn’t start at the right place.  So we are singing one part and it begins to play in another part.

3. One of our church members went and hooked up another extension cord to another outlet in hopes of getting the keyboard working. It didn’t work, even though we stopped worship to help get it working.

4. during the children’s sermon, the topic was “ways to tell others about Jesus” and I had the children hand out some of our church pens with our church website on it.  All went tell, except the children didn’t  hand them to Jim and Scottee. So I had to tell the children it was okay to hand them to our visitors.

5.  During my sermon, not only did some of the 8 children start talking and walking around our small wooden church with a great echo for music but not for other sounds, but the man across the street decided to use his circular saw.  It would have been fine if it would have been wood he was cutting, as it’s pretty quick.  However, it was sheet metal!

6. We had to sing a good portion of our songs “a capella” and starting on the right ptich was impossible.

7.  And our church probably looked like this:

work in progress

Yet, in spite of all of the chaos, they still wanted me to be a part of their ceremony (still not sure why!)

That worship service was probably the worst worship service we’ve ever had!

Now about their FABULOUS wedding!

I often meet couple prior to their ceremony.  Maybe I meet with them twice.  However, with Jim and Scottee, I had the pleasure to meet with them about 1/2 dozen times from our first meeting, besides phone calls and emails.  The more I got to know them, the more I realized they were a perfect match for each other.  It was such a privilege to be a part of their ceremony.

It was held at the Owens Thomas House, and the garden was in full bloom. They had a fantastic band playing before the ceremony and they started the recessional at the perfect time!

There were two highlights, in my mind, which need to be mentioned.  First, Jim’s father, Mr. Richard Towne, did the majority of the ceremony, I only did the opening words, the “I do’s”, the ring exchange, and the pronouncement of husband and wife.  Mr. Towne did a fantastic job with the main message of the wedding and I really like his reading choice from the Book of Ecclesiastes and the three cord example he gave.  He was/is so very proud of his son. The other highlight was when Jim and Scottee, not only wrote their own vows, but they were written from the heart.  Truly, two very touching moments.

They probably noticed I hesitated prior to pronouncing them as husband and wife, yet I didn’t mention it to them.  The reason was because I was collecting my emotions so I could say the words without my voice quivering.

Thank you Scottee and Jim for letting me be a part of your wedding day! I wish you two the best!!!

Finally, I know a picture is worth a thousand (or more!) words, so here are a couple photos I took with my phone prior to the ceremony and then two photos taken by Donna Von Bruening, Donna Von Bruening Photographers.

Scottee and Jim's wedding at the Owens Thomas House, the flowers on the bush in the middle are on a native azalea.

And another table set up by Liz Demos,

And saving the best for last:

Two of Donna’s photos

Photo by Donna Von Bruening

And last, but certainly not least, during the vow portion of the ceremony:

Photo by Donna Von Bruening

You can see the rest of her photos at DVBPhotos.

Finally, congratulations to Scottee Angel and Jim Towne!!  You two are the best!!

Here is a list of the vendors (that I know of):

Photography: Donna Von Bruening Photographers

Ceremony Venue: Owens Thomas House
Reception Venue: The Olde Pink House
Event Styling:
Elizabeth Demos
Wedding Coordination:
Wed Accompli
Harvey Designs
Carolina Herrara
Rev Steve Schulte


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