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Jonathan and Leslie!

I don’t always get to meet couples ahead of time.  And the elopement a short while ago was no exception.  Tuesday’s elopement at the beautiful Forsyth Park Inn, was outstanding!  Here’s a couple photos I took with my phone, yet I can’t wait to get the photos from their photographer, John Zeuli. He’s really good! And his photos will be so much better than mine!

I first met Jonathan upon entering the Inn, a very handsome man.  And then I got to see his stunningly beautiful fiance, Leslie ,with her gorgeous gown!!  They make a beautiful couple!

My cell phone photos need help!

They invited myself, the inn keeper, and all of the staff (one even came in on his day off to be there, as he said he would attend their ceremony) to stay for the cake!  The cake, from Custom Cakes, was, as expected, d-lish-ous!  And the flowers from Kiwi Fleur were so beautiful!

At one point after the ceremony, the groom went to hand the flowers to the bride, and when I saw him with them, I said, “you must have played baseball?”  He held the bouquet like it was a baseball bat!

Of all the B and B’s in Savannah, this inn is my favorite!! Not just because all of the staff watched the wedding, all applauded when it was over, and congratulated the couple. Don’t get me wrong, that helps a lot.  But they are so helpful and friendly, and it is all genuine!

If you are considering staying at a B and B here in Savannah, then you need to stay there!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Long!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your ceremony.


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