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Marriage license information

I often get asked about marriage license information. Here’s a link to information about Georgia marriage licenses. Here’s a list of additional information:

  • You cannot bring a marriage license from out of state, in order to get married in Georgia
  • You cannot take a Georgia license out of state
  • There are no blood tests required in Georgia
  • There are no witnesses needed in Georgia
  • Once the couple have the license they do not sign it, only the minister/judge will sign it
  • If you live out of state, you need to get your license in this county (Chatham County)
  • The marriage license in this county: they will give you three carbonless copies, attached at the top. The blue copy is for you to take with you, the other two copies get sent or taken back into the courthouse.
  • If they are sent/mailed in, you need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope in order to get a copy of it back (normally about 3 weeks go get it back)
  • Or you can take it back in to the courthouse and have it recorded on the spot.
  • If you live in state, you can get your license from any county.
  • I think you’ll need to know where you parents were born (along with other questions)
  • One of those other questions is really strange: Are you related?
  • In Georgia you can’t marry your same gendered partner but you can marry your first cousin!

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