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Not MPH or MPG but MPW

Miles Per Hour.  Nope.

Miles Per Gallon.  Nope.

Miles Per Wedding!!  Yep!

Saturday was a record setting day for miles driven in a day for weddings.  First wedding, HHI (Hilton Head Island, SC) at 11am (beastly hot!), so I had to leave at 9:20am.

Second wedding was at 5pm, downtown Savannah, Telfair Square and it was also a record setting ceremony. Not because I had a 6:30pm on HHI (with an hour drive).  Not because of wanting to leave as quickly as possible when it was over.

Peter and Mikaela. I took a photo of them as I was leaving their reception.

The wedding was for Peter and Mikaela and it was FANTASTIC!  The bride had asked for the shortest ceremony: I’ve timed it at 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  She was afraid her knees would lock up and she’d pass out (I was kinda in favor of that since it’s never happened AND we could submit it to America’s Funniest Home Videos.)  However, the REAL reason it was so short was because of the threat of rain, and not just rain but thunderstorms!!

I don’t know if I told the bride and groom after the ceremony, but as they were exchanging rings there were rain drops hitting my book, you know, “rain drops are falling on my head” as well.  Oh yes, I was the only one not under the protection of a huge Live Oak Tree (I don’t know if you can call that protection as standing under a tree might not be the best place to stand during a thunderstorm!)

I believe the ceremony lasted less than 2 minutes!!  However, no one got rained on, except me and my book!  After I pronounced them husband and wife, and they began walking down the aisle, I heard a guest say, “that was the shortest wedding I’ve been to, it must have lasted no longer than 90 seconds!)

To see photos of this fantastic bride and groom before, during, and after their wedding at the reception, go to Donna Von Bruening Photography.

Back to MPW… Finally, after the 5pm wedding, I got back into my car and drove back to HHI!!  By the end of the day, I had put 203 miles on my car.  The average MPW was about 70.  However, the middle wedding had no miles on it because it was literally half of a block from the road taking me to HHI. It really was about 100 miles per wedding!

Donna Von Bruening and Brian Rineair with DVBPhoto

Finally, I want to make one last comment about Peter and Mikaela’s wedding.  If this wedding hadn’t started on time, we’d all have been drenched!  Tricia Huddass Mesaros of Tricia Huddas and Company and her team are the ones that made this wedding be rain free and not moved indoors.  If it hadn’t been for their promptness the wedding would not have started on time (I’ve never had one of her weddings start even a minute late!)  If the wedding had started 5 minutes late, we’d all have been drenched.  Why? because by 5:10pm, it was raining, pouring buckets of rain down, yet every guest made it indoors to the beautifully decorated Jespons Center only steps away from Telfair Square and Telfair Academy.  Thank you Tricia for making this happen outdoors and rain free!

Jessica Denmark (with Telfair Academy) and Trevor Jenkins (with 98 Productions)

Footnote: from my home to the first and third wedding site is only 12 miles, as the crow flies, however, there’s no direct route!

Second Footnote: You can see the arm of Tricia Huddas Mesaros in the photo with Donna Von Bruening.

Third Footnote: Each of the vendors listed in this blog are part of the Savannah Wedding Professionals


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