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Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta

Last night at 9:30 was the “sneak peek”  (Episode one on Netflix) of the newest wedding show! Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta on TLC.   And if you watched closely enough, you’d seen me!

A local wedding coordinator, Chad Baker,  said, “I’ve watched numerous episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, and none of them has ever shown as many shots of the minister as they showed of you!”  I probably would have known that, but the first episode I watched was the last night at 9pm!  (sorry SYTTD folks!)

It was towards the end of the show, maybe the last 10 minutes in which the Savannah couple appeared (even though at the beginning there was a quick shot of the three of us just as I was pronouncing them husband and wife).

The bride and groom, Melissa and Kevin, are fantastic people!  Here’s a quick photo of them that I asked photographer  Lyn Bohnam to take with my camera phone.  It’s not the best photo, my cell phone really needs to be replaced!

Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta with Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Melissa Kelly

I’d met with them prior to their ceremony and prior to them knowing they were going to be on the show. Not only was Melissa beautiful, her personality was even more so! I’m really happy I was able to help them with their dreams.

Here are some of the other vendors for her ceremony, all of whom are part of the SavannahWedding Professionals.

Wedding Coordinator: Tricia Huddas and Company.

Photographer: Lyn Bonham.

Flowers by: Garden on the Square, Julie Driscoll

Cake:  Custom Cakes, Minette Rushing

Chairs: Savannah Special Events.

Thank you Kevin and Melissa for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

Now you can watch it online (very beginning there’s  a shot of me and then the last 3 minutes or so, I’m there too!) (Episode one on Netflix)  click here:

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8 thoughts on “Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta

  1. I totally saw this episode, and it was amazing and Rev. Schulte is amazing, so it is no surprise that the ever popular television wedding show got a shot of him!!

  2. I saw this episode a couple days ago, that is soo fabulous! I’m glad I went to find my dress by myself though…the show scared me! See you in a few months!

    1. I have found out the information. Here’s what Melissa had to say:
      “So the designer of my dress was Romana Keveza. She designs such elegant gowns. EVERYthing in her collection is gorgeous! “

  3. I actually had one of my bridesmaids call me and say ‘Omigosh! I think Rev Schulte was on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta! I DVR’d it for you!’ Of course, I had to see for myself and sure enough, Rev Schulte!! So excited for you! My hubby even watched it with me!

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