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Please be careful…

Do you know the TV show “Holmes on Homes”? It’s about home construction contractors taking advantage of unsuspecting home owners, duping them out of thousands of dollars.

I write this blog because I have learned of some recent events which really bother me.

There are good and not so good people in this world. There are some who take advantage of others, some who steal. And unfortunately there are one or two not so good people in Savannah.

Below is a list of local wedding coordinators with whom I have worked. And I will work with them again, as I’ve never heard anyone being taken advantage of by these people.

Here is that list, (listed randomly):

  • Caroline Carter Events
  • From This Day Forward: Weddings and Events.
  • Anne Hagin Events
  • A Wedding For Two
  • Everlasting Occasion with Raven Clark
  • Posh, Petals and Pearls with Tara Skinner
  • Melissa Livingston Events
  • First City Events with Bonnie Kaar
  • All About You Entertainment with Cindy Brown
  • reDefinning Moments with Karen Moore
  • Tybee Island Wedding with Jennifer Palmer
  • There may be others, but at this late hour I do not recall them, but will gladly add them to this list if they are so kind as to let me know. I really want to get this blog up and published, please read on.

There are also venues which have “event planners/coordinator” and have great people working with them:

  • Telfair Academy
  • Forsyth Park Inn
  • Avia
  • Mansion on Forsyth Park
  • Davenport House
  • Owen-Thomas House
  • this is not a complete list, these are just a list off of the top of my head (a late night post)

If you ask me about a coordinator in town, I will tell you one of two things.

  • I have worked with them and they are good/excellent/outstanding
  • Have you looked at others?

I will not say that a company is bad or has a bad reputation in town, probably for legal reasons. However, I will strongly suggest you review vendors. And please note: that you also need to ask other Wedding Professionals in Savannah about other people. This is a small community and everybody knows everybody, both those who are good and those who are questionable.

And finally, I do not have a huge ego nor am I arrogant about my abilities. If I don’t know a wedding vendor, then they are either new to this area or ….

My concern is that nobody be taken advantage of, like the couple I worked with today. Not only was this couple deployed while arranging their wedding, (one is Iraq and one in Afghanistan). Then they were duped out of over $3,800. They had a two year old child murdered about a year ago. So not only do they have to cope with the death of child but also being taken advantage of while planning their wedding day all while they were serving our country. Because of a really good coordinator stepping in, their day was fantastic!

Also be leery of a local company when they don’t use their own names in the website. And just because a company has a high number of traffic listed on the “counter” at the bottom of a page, doesn’t make them reputable.

I want your day to be outstanding and if I can help, i will do the best I can.

Share your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Please be careful…

  1. I wished that I read this blog when you wrote it. My son and daughter-in-law was duped out of $2,500 this past April/May by this same women that duped the soldier.

  2. This is definitely worth the read! Your wedding day should be magical, not filled with grief! Rev. Schulte was unavailable to officiate our destination wedding in 2010 in Savannah but provided another pastor who was completely fantastic. Not only was my husband and I impressed, our guests were also impressed. This speaks volumes of Rev. Schulte’s highest expectations for professionalism. The extra work in resesarching for your wedding vendors may be a lot of work up front, but it truly pays off in the end. Our family and friends still talk about our wedding and we owe it to all the amazing vendors we hired!

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