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Two recent Thank You emails

People tell me it’s good to put up Thank You notes online.  So, here’s two recent ones.

Rev. Schulte,

We would like to thank you for making our wedding absolutely perfect!  Everything went nice and smooth.  The roses you chose for the bouquet were gorgeous and the purple ribbon was right on point.  Even though we met you for the

Keisha & Nicholas

first time on the day of our wedding, we’re just amazed at how well everything came together.  We also love the pictures that you took.  Thanks for making our day memorable!

Keisha & Nicholas

Wedding April 25, 2011

*I took photos of their 6:30am sunrise wedding with my iPad 2 and with their camera.  The one above is with my iPad 2.

Reverend Schulte is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best officiant for your Savannah wedding. My name is Carin and my husband and I had the privilege of being married in April in Savannah by Reverend Schulte. We were fortunate enough to meet him and email with him alot before our destination wedding and this not only made us even more satisfied with having him preside over the wedding, but allowed us to call him a friend. We met with him in June to see if we wanted to choose him and after a great conversation and his honest thoughts and advice we booked him on the spot. Throughout the vow writing process he was available and helpful and knowledgeable. He not only gave great advice for the vows themselves but he dispenses invaluable knowledge culled from the tons of weddings he does do. He reminded me to think about the width of my stilettos since we were planning an outdoor ceremony and there would be grass to sink into; advised us to have laundered handkerchiefs for the ceremony (which most certainly came in hand!); helped us come up with a rain plan and a entering and exiting the square plan. And, when we met him two days before the wedding, he went over every aspect of the ceremony, pronunciation of loved one’s names and suggested a way for us to have a few minutes alone as a couple right after the ceremony and prior to the photos to soak in “our day.” Reverend Schulte is thoughtful, extremely professional (he presided over the smoothest running and quickest rehearsal and managed to wrangle a bunch of chatty Brits and Americans with ease) and exactly the person you want marrying you on your wedding day.I can’t begin to express how pleased we both are with your participation in our big day.


Wedding April 17, 2011


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