Outdoor Location

What do we do if it rains?


All joking aside, umbrellas are actually an option.  However, it really depends on how important an outdoor wedding is to you, AND if it’s rain or thunderstorms.  Question: Do you mind getting a bit wet and your dress getting dirty vs. being inside and dry.

Taken after the wedding, and it just started to sprinkle!

It’s not always that simple of a question to answer.  Here are things to consider:

1.  At what time do you make the decision to go inside?

1.a  Who makes that decision?  (that is often the hardest question to answer.)

2. Will the musicians and/or DJ stay outdoors if it looks like it is going to rain (check out the weather app on your phone)?

3. Can you do without the musicians/DJ if they have to leave so their instrument or equipment doesn’t get ruined?

4.  How safe will it be for your guests?

5. If it isn’t raining but the weather app shows thunder storms, will you risk the wellbeing of your guests for an outdoor ceremony?

6.  If it isn’t raining or isn’t going  to rain, but it did rain an hour or two prior to your ceremony and the ground is wet, is that too wet for your dress and shoes?

6.a  If the chairs are wet, who’s going to dry them?

6.b. What will they/you use to dry them off with?

6.c.  Will the rain on the branches and leaves which will fall during your ceremony, bother you or your guests?

7. Who will tell all your guests that it’s been moved indoors?

7.a. How will they tell them? texts? phone calls? emails?  what about those that don’t have a cell phone or a smart phone?

Please note: there’s no reason to take chances with rain. Yes, your back up location is not your dream location, however, you back up location could be the best location to keep others from getting hurt.

Now, with all that said, I’ve only had about 6 weddings rained out in 17 years.  I’ve had about 30 moved indoors for fear of rain – sometimes it did rain and sometimes it didn’t rain.

Lastly, in the South, it is considered a good sign if it rains one your wedding day.  When the ropes they use to moor or tie a boat or ship to a dock get wet, the knot is stronger. So if it rains when you “tie the knot” consider it a good sign!

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