Can’t believe it’s been nearly 7 months…

… since I last blogged!  😦 

Weddings!!  I love being the wedding officiant, and I hope it shows!

Recently I was asked if there was any part of being the officiant that I didn’t like.  Hmmm..

I love helping couples make their wedding day special. 

It’s great watching as the bride walks down the aisle as her groom wipes away a tear as he sees her for the first time (Oh, BTW, most couples who don’t see each other the day of the ceremony (or at least while in their wedding attire), still talk and text – try not to chat on the phone, or even text – it makes the first look, and the first touch of the hand, all that more romantic and exhilarating.)  

I love having the couple watch me sign their marriage license, because it’s the stroke of the pen which makes it (more) official.  

I really like asking couples how they met: we met while our hands were inside an atomic bomb; we met online; we met at a bar; we met while he was on tour; we met while in a traffic jam; we met through friends (well that is what we tell family!); we met while walking our dogs; we met in college; we met while on vacation; we met at church; we met in high school; we met while at a foot race….  

After much thought, there is one part I don’t like.  

That one part of “doing weddings” that I don’t like is the business side of being a wedding officiant: for example, when the payment is late and there is a late fee.  I don’t like the business portion at all.  I like making people happy and helping them with their dream wedding ceremony.

But it is what it is, I have to take the part I love with the part I don’t like, because they go hand in hand. I wouldn’t trade this for anything.  

We all have parts of our calling we don’t necessarily like, yet it’s such a small potion for me that I hardly notice it. 

Thanks, Stacey, for asking me what part of being a wedding officiant, I don’t like.  I hadn’t even really thought about it cause I love what I do.

Share y’alls thoughts!


A photo I took just prior to last nights wedding on Tybee Island – no color correction – just an iPhone 4 photo!


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