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Not all wedding vendor reviews are accurate…

…yes, that is correct.  Whether they be online reviews or just by word of mouth, what people say about your wedding vendor may be inaccurate or skewed.

Why would people do that?  It’s probably easier to answer why bad things happen to good people, than to answer why do people say say inaccurate (or outright lies) words about their (wedding) professional.

I’ll give some possible answers.  These are not listed in any particular way.

1.  Some people are just not happy people and like to share their misery with others.

2.  Some reviews are given in hopes of getting a refund.

3. Other reviews are given to hurt people.

4. Weddings are stressful times and some people will focus on a portion of the day that needs to be let go.

5. Some reviews are given by another wedding vendor to try to ruin someone’s business.

6. I’m sure there are other reasons.

I can give examples, some personal, of all of above.  However, I’d rather give one example this is not accurate  or true- just an example. I give couples the opportunity to choose their own ceremony from my website.  They then can modify it or use it as is.  They can even send me one they created and ask me to use it.  My contract has a place on it for their choice of ceremony.  Imagine if I get a complaint from a couple after the ceremony: we didn’t like the ceremony that you used for our ceremony.    So, please help me understand why this example would be my fault?


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