Blog ideas,

Here are so ideas I have to blog about over the next year or so.  These are about the ceremony:

Aisle runner
flowers in the aisle
“hand off”
FOB not stepping on her dress when he goes to be seated
Centering after bride walks in
being centered and symmetrical. 
Flowers handed off
stand 45 degree
emotions come out in one of two ways; laughter/tears.
where to look
ring exchange
how to hold hands
1/2 way on
where to look
don’t force
“turn his hand over”
untie rings from pillows:
Place them in my hand.
couple takes it out of my hand
hand ceremony, where to look
unity candle, 
how to light it with a sandwich approach
dripping candles
what to do with two tapers after they are lit
extra lighter up front
explain to those lighting it how to use lighter
where to place the table on which it sits
Sand ceremony
too much sand – left over sand, spilled out
not enough sand
windy day, sand blows – blue sand on white dress
use water as a templet
alternate sand pouring
opening of containers.
don’t pour easy
what to do with container after the ceremony for transport

Hand ceremony:

where to look – at hands and each other.

Pronouncement /

Kiss – 
short but not too short, maybe 2 seconds. 
good quality

Turn and face gathered: introduction

Music after the intro.
Not all want to be introduced.

Silhouette of bride coming in and couple going out of church/chapel
No flashes behind me
No candles at end of rows – knocked over and wax/flames
Microphone, lapel not stand!
Holding mic!  Mic, book, and rings!!!  Not good combo!
To mic or not to mic me during ceremony: volume and whispering.
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