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Glass Ceremony!!!

Many people use the traditional Unity Candle ceremony or the Sand ceremony as part of their wedding ceremony, however the Glass Ceremony is something new.


Recently a couple I married had this as part of their ceremony and I loved it so much I’m blogging about it!   I can’t wait to see the piece of art work which will be created!

This is from their ceremony.

JODIE and KIM have chosen to commemorate their marriage by creating a very special piece of art together. Along with the support of their parents and children, they will combine colored glass crystals today and then have a glass art piece blown into a single sculpture, which will live in their home to represent the beauty of this moment.

Each container holds a unique color which is representative of the separate and individual characteristics of each person. 

JODIE and KIM have chosen shades of white to represent the new beginning that today represents. White is a color of protection and encouragement, purity, wholeness and completion.

Shades of blue will be added by their parents and children. The color blue is the color of the sky and sea – both continuous and endless. The multiple shades represent depth and stability, serenity, faith and loyalty.

I will add gold to represent God’s presence in their marriage.

The blending of these individual glass crystals represents the separate and individual characteristics of each person, and when combined will beautifully complement each other, and make a stronger oneness that is held together with timeless love, commitment and support.

Let us enjoy this moment as JODIE and KIM, along with their parents and children, take this step to unite their love.

Copyright 2016 “A Wedding With Rev Schulte”



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