First look before the wedding….

…I’m not a fan of it.

Not for superstition. Not for bad luck.

To many times it’s very obvious to me when the couple has a first look before the ceremony.

What are the signs?  There are two.

First, when the person walking down the aisle looks at everyone rather than the finance.  Even waves to them.

Second, you cannot recreate the emotions you’ve had when you saw your loved one in their wedding attire, unless you are an actor!

I understand the importance of the photographer wanting to capture the first look, make it staged, and to make it very emotional.  The photos can be awesome!

However, those same emotions can’t be seen by the guests at the wedding.

If you can do the first look as your fiancé awaits for you at the other end of the aisle, I’d so go that route.  You may have more emotions.  But I think your guests will become emotional too!

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