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What do I do beside marry people?

I do lots of things besides marry people!

Last week I cut firewood left over from Hurricane Matthew (Oct.2016).  This week I’m burning it in the fireplace to help keep my home warm, plus it looks nice!

Sometimes I have to do projects around the house: paint; dig a trench; mow the lawn, paint (intentionally twice cause I seem to paint a lot!); clean; handyman; and typical home owner duties.  IMG_9192

I’m an Uber and Lyft driver just for fun.  But not sure it’s fun when people leave my car dirty 😦

Three to four times a week (on the average) the local Y sees me working out doing TRX, circuit training, and sometimes yoga.

I do Short Term Vacation Rental out of the carriage house on the back of my property.  Its a daily laundry and cleaning duty.

And I’m a pastor of a small Lutheran Church about 10 minutes from downtown Savannah.  In 1994 I started there and soon will be celebrating my 25th anniversary.  Doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been there that long, until I look at pictures of me from when I first arrived there and see that I have dark hair 😦

Plus a vacation or two a year!



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