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With this ring, I _____ wed.

Yep!  Many people don’t know this phrase, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

The words thee and be sound nearly alike.  Yet they don’t mean the same thing!

Probably 30% of the time, couples hear the word wrong, even though i really enunciate the T H sound of Thee.  So I often hear, “With this ring, I be wed.”

Maybe I’m just old and know the phrase from movies and older tv shows, and English weddings, and well wait, current TV shows too!

If you can think of a good phrase to use, I’ll give you credit!

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Some dos and don’ts for your ceremony

I can give you a lot of examples of why the don’ts don’t work!

Don’t have a traditional style aisle runner – Do consider using some flower petals. I’ve seen bride’s heels get stuck.

Don’t have flower petals on the beach. Sea gulls think it is food and will attack.

Don’t wear heals if your gonna stand in grass, unless you put those high heel protectors on them – to keep you from sinking into the grass.

Don’t laugh during your vows – do let tears and emotions happen.  If you are a laugher, then you may get laugher in the wrong time:  “I _____ take you ____  to be my ________.  To love and to cherish “laughter.”  I’ve seen the laughter at “and I promise to be faithful to you.”  Awkward.

Don’t wear makeup which will give you streaks if you shed tears.  Do wear make up which will not leave streaks.  This is different than mascara.

Don’t wear red lipstick – Do wear lip sealant.  Otherwise your spouse will have red lips, too!  Awkward for pictures.

Don’t let the groom arrive to ceremony without a real handkerchief.   Do get the groom one so that he can dab your tears or his perspiration.

These are just for starters!

Let me know your thoughts and your experiences!

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Divorce Decrees now REQUIRED in GA if you’ve been divorced and want to get married.

Yup, that’s right!

Now Georgia requires you to bring divorce decrees. Not just from six months ago, but from forever ago.

This is important, but who knows why?! You can marry your first cousin in GA but you can’t marry your same gendered partner. HOWEVER you have to bring up your past that you’re trying to forget! If you’ve EVER been married you HAVE to bring the divorce decrees.

Call the probate court and complain… or ask why: (912) 652-7395

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Make sure photographers, videographers, and officiants are on the same page with Bride!

I don’t think that this is a Catholic Priest, as they are suppose only have weddings in the church.  Not sure who this was or who’s wedding, but it certainly brings to light the fact that the bride and groom, along with the photographers, videographers and officiant need to be on the same page.  I’ve had lots of comments on my Facebook page!


OMG Priest Stops A Wedding To Yell At Photographer.


Share your thoughts.


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Not all wedding vendor reviews are accurate…

…yes, that is correct.  Whether they be online reviews or just by word of mouth, what people say about your wedding vendor may be inaccurate or skewed.

Why would people do that?  It’s probably easier to answer why bad things happen to good people, than to answer why do people say say inaccurate (or outright lies) words about their (wedding) professional.

I’ll give some possible answers.  These are not listed in any particular way.

1.  Some people are just not happy people and like to share their misery with others.

2.  Some reviews are given in hopes of getting a refund.

3. Other reviews are given to hurt people.

4. Weddings are stressful times and some people will focus on a portion of the day that needs to be let go.

5. Some reviews are given by another wedding vendor to try to ruin someone’s business.

6. I’m sure there are other reasons.

I can give examples, some personal, of all of above.  However, I’d rather give one example this is not accurate  or true- just an example. I give couples the opportunity to choose their own ceremony from my website.  They then can modify it or use it as is.  They can even send me one they created and ask me to use it.  My contract has a place on it for their choice of ceremony.  Imagine if I get a complaint from a couple after the ceremony: we didn’t like the ceremony that you used for our ceremony.    So, please help me understand why this example would be my fault?

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What are some awkward moments I’ve had at weddings?

hmmmm.  Awkward moments.  These are all true stories (possibly modified to protect the bride and groom!)

  • right after the bride and groom walked back down the aisle, they made a bee-line to his pickup truck, opened the tailgate, the bride hiked up her dress so she could sit on the tailgate as they smoked cigarettes.
  • there was the time when I said to the photographer, bride and groom as they went off for some photos after the ceremony, “don’t go over there, as I saw the dog owner not curb his dog after the dog pooped.”  A few minutes later they called me over to that very area for photos.  When I got there, I smelled the dog poop.  The longer I stood there the stronger the dog poop smell got.  While walking away I looked down at the bottom of the bride’s dress.  Sure enough not only did the bottom of the dress have poop on it,  but when she picked up her dress to walk away, there was more underneath (including shoes!)
  • when the ring bearer was old enough to untie the rings on the pillow, but not old enough to hold the pillow and untie the rings.  So when he dropped the ring and it rolled under the stage, he promptly crawled under it to get the ring.
  • the time when the bride lost her shoe in the brick sidewalk.
  • and there was the time when I mentioned to the coordinator and the bride that the 50 foot aisle runner needed to be removed from the aisle, as the wind was too strong for it, esp. since it wasn’t attached to anything nor was anything holding it down.  But I don’t know nothing! As the bride walked down the aisle runner, the wind picked up speed and the runner started the wave action.
  • The time when the wedding was on the golf course and I looked around and saw about 6 deer off in the distance.
  • Or the time when the bride was ready to walk down the aisle at the outside venue.  Except the groom was no where to be found.  He had plenty to drink! He walked out from the bushes, heading to the right place to stand while trying to zip his zipper, saying, “i had to go to bathroom.
  • And there was the time inside of a church, the husband of the maid of honor refused to take their screaming three year old out of the chapel. I don’t know which was worse: the screaming child or the echo of the screaming child.
  • When the bride thought that her waving to her guests as she walked down the aisle, looked natural, but the rest of us realized she was three sheets to the wind, plus a few extra shots!
  • Or when the groom walked down the aisle holding his can of beer.
  • How about when the guests, as they were leaving the cocktail hour, took their full wine glasses with them as they walked over and sat down for the wedding.
  • There was a time when the mother of the groom, asked, when she was about to walk down the aisle, where she could put her plastic cup of beer.
  • The time when the father of the groom was 1 minute late, pulled up to the valet parking, got out of his car, and THREW the keys at the valet who was 5 feet away and nearly hit him in the face with them.
  • Or when the mother of the bride, after the ceremony, began to walk down the aisle inside a hotel, knocked the burning candle over onto the carpet.
  • or the time when the bride and groom thought a “mr. mic” style of PA system would really work. It might have worked if they had got new batteries. Instead they got squeaks and feedback.
  • And the time when at an outdoor 150 guest wedding, the bride forgot the grooms ring at home.  When did she realize it? During the ceremony when I asked for the rings.  So, i tried to make the awkward moment light-hearted by saying, “She forgot your ring.i guess she really didn’t want marry you.”  Everyone laughed, and then some lady from the back row came up the side aisle and handed the ring to the bride.  It wasn’t until after the ceremony was over that I found out why the groom had a very strange look on his face when he saw the ring.  It wasn’t his.  Remember the woman that walked up with the ring?  She had made her husband take off his wedding ring!
  • the time the bride and groom didn’t want to toast with champagne, but  instead used Mtn. Dew.

Share your thoughts and stories!!