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Divorce Decrees now REQUIRED in GA if you’ve been divorced and want to get married.

Yup, that’s right!

Now Georgia requires you to bring divorce decrees. Not just from six months ago, but from forever ago.

This is important, but who knows why?! You can marry your first cousin in GA but you can’t marry your same gendered partner. HOWEVER you have to bring up your past that you’re trying to forget! If you’ve EVER been married you HAVE to bring the divorce decrees.

Call the probate court and complain… or ask why: (912) 652-7395

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Make sure photographers, videographers, and officiants are on the same page with Bride!

I don’t think that this is a Catholic Priest, as they are suppose only have weddings in the church.  Not sure who this was or who’s wedding, but it certainly brings to light the fact that the bride and groom, along with the photographers, videographers and officiant need to be on the same page.  I’ve had lots of comments on my Facebook page!


OMG Priest Stops A Wedding To Yell At Photographer.


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Who stands first when the bride walks down the aisle?

Who should be the first to stand when a bride begins walking down the aisle? The Mother of the Bride. Or her parents. They have the honor of standing first.

Who normally ends up being the one who stands first? The person who wants be the first to get a photo of the bride as she walks in. This then causes a ripple affect which may make the Mother of the Bride be the last to see her daughter enter.

In this day and age when everyone wants to be the first to get a picture of a celebrity, accident, and/or special event, all etiquette goes out the window and its a mad rush, like when a stores opens its doors for Black Friday, to be the first to get the perfect photo.

This mad rush doesn’t give the professional photographer the chance to do their job nor does it give the families the honor to be filled with pride as they stand first, watching their child walk in. The family normally has to peek between standing guests in order to get a quick glimpse of their child.

How do i help lessen this? I will indicate, first to the Mother of the Bride to stand first, followed by the family, Unless, other guests stand first, then I just indicate to the family to go ahead and stand.

How do i graciously get the word out to guests that even though they may want to get the first or perfect picture of the bride walking in, odds are they won’t?

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