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For your destination wedding in the city of Savannah, which type of music is better?

So you have to decide on the type of music: live; cd; ipod or a quiet entrance.  Each has its advantages.  Here are things to consider before you make your decision.

Cost.  Cost can be an important factor in the type of music.  One musician is less expensive than two or three.  Prices vary on instrument and experience of the musician.  Travel may apply.  If you want something special played, like one couple had “I’ve got you babe” played as the left the ceremony, it will cost a little more.  If you use standard songs, then it probably won’

CD or ipod/mp3:  I classify them together.  It’s less expensive.  It can still be romantic.  But you have to do certain things pull it off.  FIrst, there has to be someone who is very familiar with the cd or mp3 player, not just someone who gets volunteered moments before.  Next, they need to know the order of songs.  And, then they will need to do the volume correctly.  If a song ends abruptly it has a different affect then if the song is gradually decreased.  The key, in my opinion, is to have these items in place.

Music or no-music.  I’ve seen plenty of both.  In my opinion I would much rather have no music than music done poorly or carelessly.  Imagine no music rather than music too loud.  Imagine no music rather than the wrong song played (brides leaving the ceremony to “hear comes the bride.”)  Imagine no music as opposed to a small portion of a song played as it skips ahead (or back) to the right song.

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