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Is a professional wedding vendor worth it?

Without a doubt, YES! Let me share some experiences from some weddings in the past.

The photographer in these experiences was the only vendor who was not an experienced wedding professional, and did the photos as a favor to the couple. It was a very sweet gesture and was very ambitious. I”m sure they had some good photos. All these experiences are true. All had a family friend or relative take the photos.

As the bride was walking down the (outdoor) aisle, the photographer was walking backwards down the aisle and backed right into me. If I hadn’t been paying attention to his awkward half crouching while walking backwards movements, I would have been knocked over.

And, there was this time when the bride had great expressions on her face as she was walking down the aisle. But since it was outside, there were some tourists in the background of his shots. However, if the photographer had taken photos from the other direction, the photographer would have gotten great photos of the beautiful background and a photo of the groom wiping tears from his eyes. Both of those were missed opportunities.

Also, during a wedding the ceremony the photographer stood 3-5 feet from the couple, nearly the entire time, blocking the view of the parents and guests.

Finally, I need to stop saying that there’s not much more than can happen during a ceremony that would catch me off guard.

During a wedding, with about 100 guests, when the rings were exchanged, the photographer, standing 4 feet away, said, “can you do that again, just slower, i missed it.” And the couple did! One of the very few times that I’ve been left speechless. Awkward.

Please hire an experienced professional wedding vendor.

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