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My parents 50th Anniversary Renewal of Vows, update

The renewal of vows for my parents was fantastic!!  Here are some highlights:

The flowers that Garden on the Square did for my mother were so beautiful.  Thank you Julie!  My mother just loved the arrangement.


The cake, made by Minette Rushing at Custom Cakes was awesome! I say was because it is mostly gone!  It was a beautiful three layer cake, a duplicate of my parents original cake.  The top two layers were “lost” at the reception (actually eaten but doesn’t lost make it sound more interesting?) The bottom layer is being saved for my niece’s birthday tomorrow (Monday.)  

The actual renewal of vows was wonderful.  And the minister they had at the wedding chapel did use the ceremony and vows my parents wanted to use.  I’m so happy about that.  He didn’t have an issue when I spoke with him just prior to the ceremony, about using the ceremony I helped create for my parents.

My sister was there, along with my two brothers and their families.  We had (actually are still having) a fantastic time.

The weather here has been very cooperative.  Even though two days ago, when I let my brother and sister-in-law borrow our car and it started to rain, they had to stop and put the top back up.  Just a few drops of rain.

This part of the country is gorgeous.  


On a comical side: the chapel was on a road with the name “hollow” in it and we did pass several people, on the 1.5 lane road riding their horses. We stopped trying to dodge the horses droppings (is it possible to curb a horse?) And there was a decorated broken down covered wagon at the entrance to the drive. I thought it was  broken down covered (no cover )wagon, however, my mother, who grew up on a farm, corrected me saying it was a manure spreader.