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To Microphone or Not to Microphone?

Recently I was asked this about an upcoming wedding:

So sorry, forgot to ask, but do you bring a microphone and small portable speaker? If not, no big deal, we can project our voices!

To have a microphone/PA system or not to have it; i get asked this often. One would think it’s a simple answer to that question, but it’s not.

Not to have a microphone for me is fine. However, it comes with drawbacks.  Having a microphone comes with drawbacks too. You’ll have to decide which is best/most important for you two and your guests.

This is from my experience.

Have you ever raised your voice in frustration?  Maybe even calling for a pet?  In doing so it changes your emotions. I can project my voice, that’s not the problem.  I’ve learned how to do it and keep the feel of the ceremony the same.  However, it’s sorta like YELLING in ears of the couple.  Yes, that is sort of an exaggeration, but not much.  When I speak loudly so the people in the back of the room can hear it is like yelling at the two of you.  That in turn changes the dynamics and feel of the ceremony for you two.  Imagine listening to a TV program about romance with the TV volume level of high!  It’s sorta counter productive.

Next, the same reasoning applies for you two, projecting your voices so the people in the back can hear.  You’d sorta be like yelling at one another (again a bit of an exaggeration).  Not only is the listener affected, but the person speaking also has to change.  They are more worried about their volume level than the meaning and emotions which come with that most precious moment.

Having a microphone comes with drawbacks as well.  Yes, the people in the back of the room will hear everything.  The drawback is the actual microphone.  Yes, I’d have a lapel microphone.  People will hear me.  But what about the two of you?  Will each of you have a hidden microphone? Will the groom have one and his mic will have to be turned up so people can hear you?

If I hold a hand held microphone for each of you that would work, but what about how it looks?  I can hand each of you a microphone to hold, and that way you can still hold each other’s hand while repeating after me.  There are two different basic types of microphones: ones which are directional (blocks out all background noises) and which is omni-directional (picks up all sounds equally).  Another option is for each of you to hold the directional mic when it comes to you repeating after me.  Another option is for me to hold the omni-directional mic so it will pick up you two when you speak.

Your family will be the closest to you two during the ceremony, they will hear everything regardless of whether a microphone is used.

I could provide a good quality sounding portable speaker for an additional fee.  However, it would be less expensive if you have a DJ do it.  I would have to charge for a person to be there an operate it, adjust volume, eliminate any squawk/feedback issues, placement of both speakers.  Yes, I think it’s better if two speakers are used so that the volume is balanced.

Lots of things to consider.

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Glass Ceremony!!!

Many people use the traditional Unity Candle ceremony or the Sand ceremony as part of their wedding ceremony, however the Glass Ceremony is something new.


Recently a couple I married had this as part of their ceremony and I loved it so much I’m blogging about it!   I can’t wait to see the piece of art work which will be created!

This is from their ceremony.

JODIE and KIM have chosen to commemorate their marriage by creating a very special piece of art together. Along with the support of their parents and children, they will combine colored glass crystals today and then have a glass art piece blown into a single sculpture, which will live in their home to represent the beauty of this moment.

Each container holds a unique color which is representative of the separate and individual characteristics of each person. 

JODIE and KIM have chosen shades of white to represent the new beginning that today represents. White is a color of protection and encouragement, purity, wholeness and completion.

Shades of blue will be added by their parents and children. The color blue is the color of the sky and sea – both continuous and endless. The multiple shades represent depth and stability, serenity, faith and loyalty.

I will add gold to represent God’s presence in their marriage.

The blending of these individual glass crystals represents the separate and individual characteristics of each person, and when combined will beautifully complement each other, and make a stronger oneness that is held together with timeless love, commitment and support.

Let us enjoy this moment as JODIE and KIM, along with their parents and children, take this step to unite their love.

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Preacher. No one’s perfect…. #WeddingRescue

This past Saturday I had a #WeddingRescue!

At 6:15pm a Savannah Police officer called me, while I was having a quick break between weddings, at Leopold’s Ice Cream which is a Savannah staple!

He said “This is Captain so and so with the Savannah Police Department.”  My first thought was something had happened to my son.  He continued “Lt. Gunther gave me your number because the preacher for a 6pm wedding didn’t show up and he thought you could help.”

“Yes, I can, where is the ceremony?”

“Greene Square.  Let me give the phone to a person in the bridal party”

“Hello.  The preacher we hired didn’t show up can  you come and perform the ceremony?”

“Yes.  I can be there in 5 minutes.”


“I just so happen to be down the street. I’ll be right there.”

When I arrived everyone was so grateful for me showing up.  I went inside the rented home and spoke to the groom.  While doing so, word came that the “preacher” showed up at 6:30pm.  “It doesn’t matter to me who officiates your ceremony, I can stay or you can have him officiate.”  “You stay.”  So I did.

The “preacher” wasn’t a preacher.  He was an internet ordained wedding officiant.  He wasn’t a pastor of a church, nor had he ever been to seminary to study the Bible or theology.  He is recognized by the State of Georgia as clergy because of his internet ordination.   Basically: he does weddings for the money.

While working out at the local YMCA one day, about a year ago, I heard this “preacher” brag to his friend about how he gets $175 to marry people and that he could hook him up too.  “It’s easy.  You show up, read the words and you get paid.”  The “preacher” didn’t recognize me from when we worked together on a volunteer school resource team in 1995.  I was 30 then, he was about 60.

I take what I do seriously.  Have I ever been late to a wedding?  I believe twice: both times about 5-10 minutes due to traffic.  Have I ever missed a wedding?  No.  Have I ever filled in for an officiant who missed a wedding?  Dozens of times.

Even if you don’t hire myself or my company, find out the reputation of the person/company you hire.  And also see if they have a business license.

I am a pastor of a local Lutheran church, yet I still have a business license for weddings.  For me, a business license separates those who are serious and professional from those who just do it for the money.

Share your stories and your thoughts.

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Pros and cons of a non-local professional wedding coordinator

It’s great to have all of your friends and family at a wedding.  But is it great to have someone from your own town (or not local to Savannah) be the professional wedding coordinator for  your special day?

Behind the scenes photo by Andy Resende of a photoshoot for a local project – no connection to the post other than I like the photo 🙂

Here is the list of cons:

  • They don’t know the area.
  • They don’t know the how long it takes to get from your lodging to your ceremony, etc.
  • They don’t know the details of how to keep people out of uninvited guests out of your ceremony (that, BTW, is not the security/police’s job at your reserved park/square wedding).
  • They normally aren’t worried about time lines, since they may be doing your ceremony at a reduced rate in order to have it on their resume.
  • They don’t have the connection to local vendors to get you the best ones.  Some coordinators bring all their vendors from out of the area.
  • Rarely do weddings start on time (one wedding started 45 minutes late – imagine your guests sitting for 45 minutes waiting for you).

Here is the pros:

  • You may know the coordinator personally – may have more fun.
  • They may give you a huge discount to get the out of town/state business.
  • They may be a friend, so you would only have to pay for their lodging.

Nothing against out of state/town professional wedding coordinators but I find that for the most part, local Professional Wedding Coordinators are steps above out of town ones.

Share your thoughts!

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Awkward moments at weddings….

Over the last 20 years that I’ve been officiating weddings, there have been many awkward moments.  I’ve been hesitant to share any of them for fear of embarrassing the bride/groom/guest. Most of these examples below are years ago 😉

  • Brides, when you show your garter at a wedding/reception, make sure you keep the dress from going above your thigh!  Not sure if guests want to see your underwear.
  • Grooms, if you think you my emote (cry/tear/runny nose) bring a hanky.  it’s not pretty when your running nose drips to the  ground in long strings all while you try to sniff it back in.
  • Unless you are French, please don’t french kiss.
  • Brides, when you go to pull out the vows you have written for your groom, please don’t turn towards me to hide that fact that you are pulling them out of our bosom.
  • Don’t let the skinniest groomsmen go out drinking the night before a wedding – he may just pass out.
  • Brides, if you’re going to have a drink before your wedding make it just one, not seven!  It will be obvious to everyone, but you, that you are not walking down the aisle straight.  And, guests will notice if you call out their name as you are walking down the aisle waving to them.
  • If you say you’re going to write you own vows, PLEASE have them written and DO NOT do them extemporaneously.  It might sound good in your head, but not to your guests when they hear you say, “you’re the best women i’ve ever slept with.”
  • If the groom is going to drink so much that he has to go to the bushes to relieve himself minutes before the wedding starts, make sure that the one been seen coming out of the bushes with him isn’t a female. Especially if he’s zipping up his trousers.
  • If your groom hasn’t met your father, consider choosing a time that isn’t when I ask “who gives their blessings to this bride to be married to this man?”
  • Grooms, if you’re going to start your wedding on time, make sure your parents know that you’ll start without them.  (It’s beyond me why a parent would be 30 minutes late to a wedding when it’s across the street from their hotel).

If you have more awkward moments, PLEASE share them!

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Some dos and don’ts for your ceremony

I can give you a lot of examples of why the don’ts don’t work!

Don’t have a traditional style aisle runner – Do consider using some flower petals. I’ve seen bride’s heels get stuck.

Don’t have flower petals on the beach. Sea gulls think it is food and will attack.

Don’t wear heals if your gonna stand in grass, unless you put those high heel protectors on them – to keep you from sinking into the grass.

Don’t laugh during your vows – do let tears and emotions happen.  If you are a laugher, then you may get laugher in the wrong time:  “I _____ take you ____  to be my ________.  To love and to cherish “laughter.”  I’ve seen the laughter at “and I promise to be faithful to you.”  Awkward.

Don’t wear makeup which will give you streaks if you shed tears.  Do wear make up which will not leave streaks.  This is different than mascara.

Don’t wear red lipstick – Do wear lip sealant.  Otherwise your spouse will have red lips, too!  Awkward for pictures.

Don’t let the groom arrive to ceremony without a real handkerchief.   Do get the groom one so that he can dab your tears or his perspiration.

These are just for starters!

Let me know your thoughts and your experiences!

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I’ve been a slacker!

I cannot believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog!  But that is changing. Some new and exciting things are happening and I can’t wait to share it very soon.

One thing is me blogging again!

The second is well, is more exciting!  If you or any couple you know will be in town on February 7, 2015, and would like to meet with me about your wedding or a wedding, to ask questions and/or to be given advice on weddings,  please let me know.  There will be a film crew/person(s) following me around that day. Can’t wait to share more!!

Congratulations on your pending nuptials!!

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Outdoor Location

Which Square or Park is right for your wedding.

Needing a few ideas on which outdoor locations in beautiful historic downtown Savannah is right for you.  Here is a list of these parks and squares with photos.   All of these locations are the most popular in Savannah, and are listed in order of popularity.

Short blog post, but great information!