Seriously! A bride…

… has a Saturday wedding  planned for a year for their 3pm downtown Savannah ceremony but her back up location is her reception location and it is about an hour away.  It’s few months from her wedding and now she’s mad at me because she failed to tell me that from the beginning.

However, nothing was mentioned in emails about the backup location, nothing.  Not even when she signed the contract a year before the wedding.  Not even on the contract when it asks for back up location.  Nothing.

Four months before the wedding I receive an email from her asking me if I could do a 4pm wedding (instead of a 3pm) since the back up location was an hour away.  The venue needed time to get things ready before the reception, so they’d have to change the time of the ceremony.  She wanted to know if that was a problem for me?

My first thought was, “is she serious?”  My next thought was, “she is serious!”

I am, the officiant is, the only vendor, the ONLY vendor not hired for hours.  A photographer is hired for the hours or the whole day.  A caterer is hired for the whole day.  A florist is hired and it can take the whole day to set up.  A cake person brings the cake at a certain time and leaves.  The cake won’t go bad if it sets for 30 minutes or 3 hours before a wedding.  The DJ/musicians are hired for hours.  I’m hired for the ceremony.

The ceremony can take 5-30 minutes.  I have that time budgeted.  Let’s say one couple wants to get married at 5pm and another couple at 6pm, I can do that if they are in Savannah.  I’ve done that many times.  Not a problem.

What this bride was wanting was to change the time and location of the ceremony.  It doesn’t matter to the photographer if they shoot in Savannah or on Hilton Head Island. It doesn’t matter to the caterer because they aren’t changing venues.  It doesn’t matter to the cake person because the reception is the same location.

I book weddings a year or more in advance.  I schedule weddings a year or more in advance.   It’s typical.

When this bride wanted to know if I could do the time and location change, I said “Yes, as of now i do, but it would have an additional fee.”  I never heard back from her.  Not to confirm.  Not to negotiate a different fee.  Nothing.

Five days before the wedding the forecast shows rain for her wedding date and time.  She emails me and asks me if it’s a problem if she moves the ceremony to her backup  location and change the time.

When I email her and tell her I can no longer do the new time and location, she emails me a scathing email.  He’s livid with me for not being able to help her.  She says I’ve ruined everything and that I’m a horrible person.  She threatens to sue me and to leave me horrible reviews if I do not officiate her wedding.

What do you think I did?