The only thing I know about lipstick is that it can look weird on a groom after the bride kisses him!

What surprises me is the reaction the bride often gives when she has purposely put on the bright red lipstick, yet is shocked when she see it on the groom after the kiss!

I’ve given away hundreds of Jos A. Bank handkerchiefs because after the kiss the groom has bright red lipstick on, the bride tried to wipe it away and now it looks even worse!!

Red lipstick can look stunning on the bride, but not so much on her groom!

Brides consider the color of lipstick you wear when walking down the aisle.

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Pros and cons of a non-local professional wedding coordinator

It’s great to have all of your friends and family at a wedding.  But is it great to have someone from your own town (or not local to Savannah) be the professional wedding coordinator for  your special day?


Behind the scenes photo by Andy Resende of a photoshoot for a local project – no connection to the post other than I like the photo 🙂

Here is the list of cons:

  • They don’t know the area.
  • They don’t know the how long it takes to get from your lodging to your ceremony, etc.
  • They don’t know the details of how to keep people out of uninvited guests out of your ceremony (that, BTW, is not the security/police’s job at your reserved park/square wedding).
  • They normally aren’t worried about time lines, since they may be doing your ceremony at a reduced rate in order to have it on their resume.
  • They don’t have the connection to local vendors to get you the best ones.  Some coordinators bring all their vendors from out of the area.
  • Rarely do weddings start on time (one wedding started 45 minutes late – imagine your guests sitting for 45 minutes waiting for you).

Here is the pros:

  • You may know the coordinator personally – may have more fun.
  • They may give you a huge discount to get the out of town/state business.
  • They may be a friend, so you would only have to pay for their lodging.

Nothing against out of state/town professional wedding coordinators but I find that for the most part, local Professional Wedding Coordinators are steps above out of town ones.

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Wedding Mondays!

This is the first of many more Wedding Mondays!!


How do we get a marriage license?

If one or both of the couple live any where in Georgia and have a valid Georgia ID then they can get their marriage license from any county probate court.  If however, neither of the couple live in Georgia then they will need to get their license in this county, which is Chatham County.  The phone number to the court house here is: 912.652.7267.  If you are getting married in South Carolina, the phone number to the court house on Hilton Head Island is 843.341.8413.  Both bride and groom need to be present when obtaining their license.

If you get a marriage license in South Carolina it can only be signed in South Carolina. Likewise, if you get a marriage license in Georgia, then the ceremony must take place in Georgia. 

Once the license is signed, it can either be taken in by you the next business day, unless you get married during business hours, or it can be mailed in.  If you mail it in, you will need to provide them with a self-addressed stamped envelope so they can mail you the certified copy.

Georgia has no waiting period.  South Carolina has a 24 hour waiting period once you apply for a license.  In Georgia and South Carolina there are no blood tests required.

If either or both persons have ever been divorced, they must bring final divorce decrees. 

South Carolina marriage license expire within a certain time of obtaining them, whereas a Georgia license has no expiration date.

Cheryl and George….

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#justmarried @savannahido @visitsavannah @savannahwedpros #savannah #wedding
#SavannahWedding #RevSchulte #AWeddingForTwo #ElopeInSavannah #AWeddingWithRevSchulte

This review for Rev. Schulte is long overdue, but even today, several months after our wedding, a guest commented on how fantastic our officiant was. He really exceeded our expectations and went way above and beyond the call of duty for us.

We booked Rev. Schulte via email about a year in advance as we were planning a destination wedding. From the outset, he was responsive to both email and phone. His website and blog were incredibly helpful, and he always had advice about practical wedding details, including which Savannah squares were best for our outdoor ceremony and what other vendors he recommended. He also has several sample ceremonies, and was very open to any sort of customization that we wanted.

We didn’t actually meet in person until two days before our wedding. We’d had quite a stressful week in Savannah (it included a trip to the ER for one of our family members), and I think Rev. Schulte could immediately tell that we were stressed. He was incredibly calming, and went over every detail of the ceremony with us over coffee. He really knows EVERYTHING – including the best places to stand in the square based on uneven pathway bricks, and which angles are better for photographers!! He then made the very generous offer of finding us a day of planner at a reasonable price- which he did almost immediately!!! He gave us the reminder that we needed at that moment, which was that our wedding was important and we were entitled to a special, perfect day! And it was, largely because of him.

The day of, my father was so overwhelmed that he blanked at the altar when it came time to give me away, and Rev. Schulte, with barely even a blink, very calmly walked him through it. We also loved loved loved his seersucker suit, which was perfect for our outdoor ceremony! We feel very lucky to have had him officiate for us – he really worked hard to give us a perfect day. We can’t thank him enough, and hope he takes us up on our offer to visit us in NYC!


Who has the right….

…to judge others?  Certainly not me.

The phone call recently about a couple who was being judged by their officiant because it was a second marriage (read into it, “you were divorced”) got me thinking about the right to judge others.

The couple that called asked me to officiate their ceremony.  I said I’d be honored.

I often get judged and I really try not to judge others – I don’t have the right to!

I have been judged on: where I live, that I was/is a yankee, what I drive, yep – my hair is thinning, that I like to go to sleep early,  and so on.  When I was a child I would be judged/made fun of because I  played the clarinet and tuba (not at the same time!)

Recently someone asked me when I got out of my car at a Christian event – with a very judgmental tone (the kind that you’d give a child when you say, “did you spill the milk?”),

“What do you do for a living?  What kind of car do you drive?”

Never in my life have I felt so judged because I drive my nearly seven year old midlife crisis convertible.

If I were to arrive anywhere in a car like this, I would be judged because I drive a car like this.

1978 Ford Pinto


The fact is, I used to own a car just like this! And, it was the first car I owned in my name (well, me and and finance company.) It was purchased used in 1983ish.

So now the world officially knows, I drive a white convertible!

Who has the right to judge others?

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What are the odds…

hold that thought….

I’m about sit down at a table after picking up my drink from the downtown Starbucks today in order to write the following blog (after this paragraph).  As I do, this young lady and what appears to be her mother both say to me, “Rev. Schulte?”  Yes, I respond.  The young lady says, “you are going to be marrying my fiance and I next month.” I have this blank (more than normal) look on my face, because I don’t recognize her.  She continues, “we’ve never met.  We were just at the Avia Hotel and Lisa Martello speaks so highly of you and we are so looking forward to you marrying us next month.  I can’t believe we ran into you here at Starbucks after just talking about you.  I’d only seen your photo from your website.”  “Yes,” I respond, “your ceremony is at 6:30pm ISH.” And we all laugh about the “ish”part.

So, what are the odds…  …that seven years after I married a couple who eloped to Savannah, that I would meet them again in Starbucks, downtown Savannah, between two elopements and while they just stopped in Savannah for a few hours on their way to Charleston? It was a 4 minute window of opportunity.

(Yes, I’m writing this from the same Starbucks, after two elopements today and before a wedding on HHI).

Yesterday, I had just ordered my drink and was waiting to pick it up when a young lady standing in line said, “You married me 7 years ago.”  My quick witted response: I hope you married your husband instead!

Sure enough, it was the bride from 7 years ago. They drove up from Clearwater, FL. that day and eloped at the fountain in Forsyth Park.

As we were inside Starbucks I asked where her husband was, as we stood in line.  He was driving around the block, she said, after dropping her off to get the two of them two drinks and get drinks for their two children, ages 4 and 2.  And, she added, “we were just talking about you earlier today.”

After the drinks arrived, I walked with her outside as she waited on her husband.  He arrived about 20 seconds later, stopped at the corner and then when his wife said, “honey, this is Rev. Schulte who married us 7 years ago.”  He reached across the seat and shook my hand through the open window.  Then they introduced me to their two children in the back seat.

It was great to see the two of them again!!  Their two girls were adorable!  Picture this: two children in booster seats in the back seat of a white 7 series BMW. There was so much travel stuff in the back seat, that it was piled so high the girls had built in foot rests!

This is the only thing that troubled me.  “Honey, this is Rev. Schulte, who married us 7 years ago.”  I know I’ve gotten older, gained a little (a lot) of weight over the years, gotten more white hair, and now need to use Rogain.  Problem: She and her husband had talked about me earlier in the day, yet she had to tell her husband who I was!!

This is where I was going to end the blog. Yet, I continue: I cannot make this up!

But, as I was just finishing up the previous paragraph, I hear over my shoulder, “Rev. Schulte.”  I turn and it is a couple I married 2 years ago.  They live on HHI.   He said, “do you remember me and my wife, Jackie?  you married us on July 12th, 2008.”  Of course I remember you two, was my response.  I notice she is with child and ask when the due date is: August.  How long are you here in Savannah?  Jackie responded, just for the day.”  We chatted for a few more minutes.

Sand Ceremony containers at the Palmetto Bluff Chapel

They are great people!  I married them at the Chapel in Palmetto Bluff!

Either I need to buy a lottery ticket today or I need to be in a Starbucks commercial !

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