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Nick and Sarah were married seven years ago. Ran into them at Forsyth park, just after a wedding at Monterey Square, where they were married!

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Tell me how you and your other half met?

I really like asking that question to couples.  It’s also a great ice breaker.  Here are some of the answers I’ve received over the years.

Wedding on Tybee Island

We met while:

  • we were both at work
  • at an intersection, while we were both driving
  • out with mutual friends
  • online through eharmony
  • through a chat room
  • in an atomic bomb, we were both trying to defuse it.
  • at a bar
  • while he was on tour
  • at a party
  • she was my secretary
  • when I needed some work done on my home, he was the handy man
  • at Walmart
  • on facebook, we went to school together years ago
  • I showed him a house for sale
  • at church
  • we were high school sweethearts
  • AOL chat room
  • while at a wedding
  • class reunion

I would really like to hear how the two of you met!!

Please share your stories!