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What do I do beside marry people?

I do lots of things besides marry people!

Last week I cut firewood left over from Hurricane Matthew (Oct.2016).  This week I’m burning it in the fireplace to help keep my home warm, plus it looks nice!

Sometimes I have to do projects around the house: paint; dig a trench; mow the lawn, paint (intentionally twice cause I seem to paint a lot!); clean; handyman; and typical home owner duties.  IMG_9192

I’m an Uber and Lyft driver just for fun.  But not sure it’s fun when people leave my car dirty 😦

Three to four times a week (on the average) the local Y sees me working out doing TRX, circuit training, and sometimes yoga.

I do Short Term Vacation Rental out of the carriage house on the back of my property.  Its a daily laundry and cleaning duty.

And I’m a pastor of a small Lutheran Church about 10 minutes from downtown Savannah.  In 1994 I started there and soon will be celebrating my 25th anniversary.  Doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been there that long, until I look at pictures of me from when I first arrived there and see that I have dark hair 😦

Plus a vacation or two a year!



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With this ring, I _____ wed.

Yep!  Many people don’t know this phrase, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

The words thee and be sound nearly alike.  Yet they don’t mean the same thing!

Probably 30% of the time, couples hear the word wrong, even though i really enunciate the T H sound of Thee.  So I often hear, “With this ring, I be wed.”

Maybe I’m just old and know the phrase from movies and older tv shows, and English weddings, and well wait, current TV shows too!

If you can think of a good phrase to use, I’ll give you credit!

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Attention Brides: A must know

Not sure if y’all know this, if the square or park is reserved, y’all can request a SCMPD officer rather than just a city marshal. It is highly suggested that someone contact Chris Foran and let him know. There is a BIG difference. I’m just saying!

Even if you don’t hire me or a professional wedding coordinator, PLEASE insist on a Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department officer!  It makes a WORLD of difference!!

A Wedding With Rev Schulte

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i think it’s great to be able to take pictures of couples after the ceremony and post them to my facebook fan page: www.Facebook.com/AWeddingWithRevSchulte .

Let your out of town family and friends know that normally within about 10 minutes from the end of the ceremony there will be a picture of the two of you.

You can also tag the photos so people can see it that way.

I’ve even had a few couples tell all their family and friends they eloped by tagging their picture on my Facebook page!

Share your thoughts!

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my Facebook fan page…

… is updated as soon as I can take the picture of the couple and post it to my Facebook fan page.

Feel free to tag yourself and your spouse if you’d like. You may even want to tell family and friends to tag themselves in it, too. Plus, your loved ones who can’t make it will be able to see your photo soon after the ceremony, most of the time within 5 minutes.

I try to take photos of every couple I marry and post it on FB. Feel free to add to those photos, and/or even have your guests take and post photos!

Here’s a photo from over the weekend.

Collenton River Plantation, near Hilton Head Island, SC

Keller and Staci were married at Colleton River Plantation in Bluffton, SC. the photo is out of focus, it’s too dark in some areas. However, it still allows people to see the couple and the setting.