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Tracy and Ken McGovern. They walked up as I was fixing to start a wedding on Tybee. I married them two years ago. Her ring had to be replaced so they asked me to bless it! @savannahido @visitsavannah ! #justmarried @savannahido @visitsavannah @savannahwedpros #wedding #SavannahWedding #RevSchulte #AWeddingForTwo #ElopeInSavannah #AWeddingWithRevSchulte

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One more comment on beach weddings

Beach weddings can be beautiful!  The lighthouse.  The ocean.  The beach.  And the seagulls.

After a wedding I had a few days ago, I have to make this post.  Please consider not putting any type of flower petals as an aisle marker.  Please don’t have the flower girl drop flower petals as she walks in.  Please don’t have guests throw flower petals as you leave the ceremony.  And please don’t let any guest throw any flower petals at the seagulls

Why?  Seagulls will flock to your ceremony location.  They think the petals are pieces of food.  They think the people are dropping pieces of food for them. However, the seagulls will make their own droppings.  And they will scare the children, and perhaps even some adults!

Please just say no to flower petals on the beach.

Share your thoughts.  Share your experiences!

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Tell me how you and your other half met?

I really like asking that question to couples.  It’s also a great ice breaker.  Here are some of the answers I’ve received over the years.

Wedding on Tybee Island

We met while:

  • we were both at work
  • at an intersection, while we were both driving
  • out with mutual friends
  • online through eharmony
  • through a chat room
  • in an atomic bomb, we were both trying to defuse it.
  • at a bar
  • while he was on tour
  • at a party
  • she was my secretary
  • when I needed some work done on my home, he was the handy man
  • at Walmart
  • on facebook, we went to school together years ago
  • I showed him a house for sale
  • at church
  • we were high school sweethearts
  • AOL chat room
  • while at a wedding
  • class reunion

I would really like to hear how the two of you met!!

Please share your stories!

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What’s the weather like for our outdoor Savannah weddings? Do you think it will rain?

I’ve had that question asked lots of times over the years.

we arrived by boat to the ceremony

For the most part, we don’t get too much rain.  And, when it does, it is rare that it lasts for all day.  Recently I had a wedding/elopement on a Sunday at 5pm.  Everyone wanted the ceremony outside, yet the forecast was rain, rain, rain.  Off and on all day I would check the weather on the web (including my phone), looking at the radar and satellite images, and putting them in motion/animate.  It stopped raining at 4:10pm and the sun came out about 15 minutes later!  Yet, earlier that morning it was forecasted to rain all day!

Now the question, is it too wet outside for a wedding?  It depends on you.  In order to make an informed decision, here are some thoughts.

  • Can the chairs be dried off in time?
  • Will the musicians play under the still dripping oak trees?
  • Will you, the bride, get your hair wet from the dripping trees.
  • The ground is wet, whether it is a sidewalk, bricks, or grass, even though the rain stopped.  If the bottom of your long dress gets wet while you walk in, is that okay?

The last point above really is just about the most important question.  Do you mind if your dress gets wet?  Is having your ceremony outside worth getting the bottom of the dress dirty and wet?

I’ve had weddings outside where the guests used umbrellas, as did the bride and groom (under one) as did I.  And I’ve had weddings where the couple had reserved a tent as a “just in case it rains” back up.

With online weather sites so readily  available it is pretty easy to find out the weather as far as 10 days in advance.  But with that said, the weather changes here, often.  And it can be raining on the islands, but not downtown.  I have seen it several times in the years I’ve lived here where it was raining in Savannah, just not downtown!  We have strange weather here.

One last note, it is rare where I’ve had a wedding rained out.  More times than not, the bride didn’t want to get the bottom of her dress wet, or her shoes.  Of the weddings I’ve had moved indoors because of the weather, 90 percent of them could have still happened outside.

Finally. You’ve heard that it is good luck for a couple when it rains on their wedding day.  Well, you’ve heard the phrase “we’ve going to tie the knot.”  When a rope is tied in a knot and it gets wet, it is nearly impossible untie it because the rope has expanded with the water it absorbed.

Share your thoughts here or on

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Do Unity Candles work outside?

It depends on numerous factors.  One is how windy is it?  Another, “is it alright with you and your soon to be spouse if the candles blow out either before, during or after the ceremony?”  And,  if you have a hurricane globe for around the Unity Candle, what will you put around the individual taper candles to keep them from blowing out?  Keep in mind that it’s not possible to put hurricane globes around the tapers because you won’t be able to reach in without burning yourself.

My suggestion if you want to have one outside is to make a  back up plan for inside.  It may work to have the lighting of the candle just prior to the cutting of the cake.

Also, make sure that the people lighting the individual tapers have practiced with the lighter that you have for them, as not all lighters light the same way.  And, have the person escorting them up to light the candle know how to light the lighter just in case.

If the table you have the candle on has to have a table cloth, make sure that the wind won’t grab hold of the table cloth and knock it over.

Share your thoughts.  🙂